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Le commerce international du vin évolue, place au virtuel. TastyWines Online : une excellente organisation de l’évènement, une solution logistique et des contacts professionnels de qualité. En bref, une expérience à renouveler !
La dégustation des vins en direct, ainsi que la présélection mutuelle entre importateurs et producteurs font du TastyWines Online le format le plus adapté en terme d’événements de matchmaking en période de pandémie.

Je peux témoigner de l’excellente qualité des importateurs lors des événements Seoul 2021 et 2020, auxquels j’ai participé pour le compte de 2 domaines différents. Après le succès obtenu en 2020 pour Herdade do Freixo, j’ai participé á nouveau en 2021 pour trouver un partenaire pour Venâncio da Costa Lima.
The meeting of November 25 with Korean importers ran perfectly.
I haven’t yet, at this time, any return from them , but hope strongly it will occur soon. Whaterver the final result will be, this pattern of meeting is remarkable, and the possibility to meet at the end of the session importers not initialy listed is an excellent opportunity. Best regards
The TastyWines in Seoul was well organised. A great upgrade on finding solutions in replacing the traditional face-to-face fairs. The fact that the importers present can taste our wines is undeniably an advantage. I believe this format will be the future anyway. Congrats!
Tastywines Online offers the most effective and concrete way to conduct a b2b tasting online. Very performing support before and during the meetings. Please keep us informed on future similar events
There is no better wine event to meet the wine producers than TastyWines Online in this difficult time. It is really great to have online meetings with wine producers while tasting their wines. Last year, I discovered wonderful wines from Italy, this year very interesting wines from France at the TastyWines Online Seoul. I owe a debt of gratitude to the Break Events Team.
I found the organization of the event impeccable.
Full support from start to finish. And most importantly many business contacts made with a very high chance of finding a successfull match.
Gracias amigas!
Fue un placer participar del evento, con un alto nivel en la interlocución, con importadores interesados en incorporar nuevas referencias y en búsqueda real de negocio. El formato es muy práctico y la posibilidad de comentar las catas ayuda muchísimo en nuestro discurso de ventas. Enhorabuena por el trabajo, estoy seguro de poder concretar alguna operación en los próximos meses.
I had a great time at the event and think that it was run wonderfully. It definitely was a new way to run a trade event, and probably a more beneficial method going forward for many producers. I was happily surprised especially with 2 wines references I tasted, and would love to see about bringing them in under my own label. Additionally, I was amazed at some of the other wines as well. Some of the wines I will also try to connect up with other people in import that I know; sometimes you're the importer and sometimes you're the person that connects others together
Zackary, Importer
Ikavina Wine and Spirits (New York - 2021)
Very well organised as usual!
However, our products are for people who knows well wine so distribute it in USA is a little more complicated I think. I hope we will make business with 1 participant at least !
Despite some time missing for some meetings, the organization and overall experience was amazing. I would definitely take part in the next session in Europe!
Andrew, Importer
Lieber Fine Wines (New York 2021)
We enjoyed the event and the staff was very friendly and helpful. All meetings went very smoothly and even took time for an extra meeting. Hopefully, we will be able to import soon some of these delicious wines and be able to repeat the experience with Break Events later this year in France and Spain.
Wagner, Importer
A&M Imports (New York 2021)